January Wildlife Update: Crossings

Last week we sent an exclusive wolf pack update to fill you in on all things wolves. In case you missed it, here’s our blog post that covers the download.


December Wildlife Update: Wolf Plan, Condors, Zinke and More!

Nearly three years later, Oregon is close to finalizing the state Wolf Conservation and Management Plan. Read more to learn about opportunities to weigh-in! 

Sea Otters: A Keystone Musical

By Seth Heller

We've discussed the daily life of a sea otter, and their near extinction in previous installments. But sea otters are also incredibly important to coastal ecosystems. Here's why:

What does it take to get a few good otters around here?

The Sea Otters See Change

By Seth Heller

In our previous installment, we examined the basics of life as a sea otter. Now we explore the history of the species, including their brush with extinction at the hands of the international fur trade and slow recovery.

Welcome Back, Otter

By Seth Heller

Love the Forest? Save the Fisher.

By Seth Heller

Fisher cat – polecat – pekan – martes pennanti – woolang. The pacific fisher’s abundance of monikers contrasts their slim existence in Oregon. Despite an alarmingly low presence in the Oregon wild, the pacific fisher remains stubbornly labeled a species of ‘least concern’. Given the incredible rate of poisoning due to illegal marijuana growers, it’s a title that should give pause to conservationists throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Court Challenge Filed to Recover Oregon Coast Coho Salmon

PORTLAND, Ore.— The Center for Biological Diversity and Oregon Wild today filed a court challenge against the National Marine Fisheries Service over its failure to develop a recovery plan for Oregon coast coho salmon. Despite the fact that the fish has been protected under the Endangered Species Act for nearly seven years, the agency has failed to develop a recovery plan to guide much-needed improvements in logging and other land-management practices identified as a major factor in the coho's imperilment.

For wolverines, politics trumps science (again)

The Obama administration has some seriously bad news for Oregon’s 3 resident wolverines -- it’s overruling the conclusions of federal scientists and denying wolverines protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Hmmm. Well, surely the administration is basing this decision on sound science. Right?

A happy, howling Father's Day!

On this Father's Day, Oregon has a special new father to congratulate and welcome: OR-7, a lone wolf no longer, now a proud papa.

Keeping Wolves Alive in Oregon

Oregon's Minam wolf pack is relatively new on the scene and, like most Oregon packs, has not come into conflict with humans or their livestock.


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