Tamolitch Pool changes proposed

Beloved and abused

Think of one of your favorite, and most beautiful hikes. Now think of one of the most overrun, busy, and abused places you’ve been in recent years. For many people, Tamolitch Pool on the McKenzie River probably falls into both of these categories. As the word has spread about the relatively easy (and beautiful) hike and the gorgeous pool at its destination, this special place is one of those in danger of becoming “loved to death”. 

Exploring Oregon's proposed Wild & Scenic Rivers

People enjoy different hikes for different reasons. Some like to get to a summit to enjoy the views, some like wildflower meadows, and others like finding huge trees. Count me in for all of this, but my ideal hike definitely includes both beautiful forests and a free-flowing river or stream (or multiple!) There’s something about how much more lush the vegetation is along a stream, the sound of burbling water as you hike along, or dipping your hands into icy water to splash on your face at a rest stop.

Best Practices for Getting Outdoors in the Age of COVID

We know you’re itching to go outside and hit the trail, pitch a tent, or launch a kayak after a spring of staying home and staying safe. As places reopen and it becomes safer to do so, there are a lot of new considerations and best practices we want to encourage everyone to think about before you make the decision to get outside to enjoy our public lands. Recreate Responsibly graphic

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