Debunking Sec. Zinke's Claims on Shrinking Monuments


A comprehensive analysis released today reveals the extent to which the Trump administration has deliberately sought to mislead the public on their plans to strip protections from America’s National Monuments. 

Polling Shows Overwhelming Bipartisan Support for Public Lands in Oregon

Oregon Wild today released results from a statewide poll conducted this month by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research showing that 80% of Oregonians would be less likely to support a politician who votes to sell off public lands. According to the poll, privatizing forests, parks, and wildlife refuges was unpopular across all regions and demographics. Although disposing of national public lands is a plank in both the national and state GOP platform, results indicate it is opposed by roughly two-thirds of Oregon Republicans.

Public Outcry Defeats Lands Privatization Bill

Public lands advocates claimed a crucial win last week! An outpouring of citizen opposition forced one of the nation’s most prominent public lands privatization boosters to withdraw support for his own bill calling for the sale of over 3 million acres of public lands across the west.The victory was an incredible example of people from across the country uniting in a common cause and making their voices heard to protect public lands.

What the Media Missed About Malheur

A year ago, a band of militants descended on a National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, and with them came a cadre of national reporters. National reports were often simplistic, neglecting important nuances to the story and left readers and viewers with poor understanding of facts on the ground.

While local coverage by several Oregon outlets was more thorough and provided analysis, the one-year anniversary of the Malheur occupation provides an opportunity to reflect on key elements of the saga that flew under the radar.

New Rules Package Passed by House GOP Attacks Public Lands

In their first day back on the job, the House of Representatives voted for a rule change that would make it easier to give away national public lands.

The American people overwhelmingly oppose selling off our National Parks, Forests, Wildlife Refuges, and other special places. Unfortunately, this vote makes it clear that the armed extremists that took over the Malheur refuge one year ago have friends in the House Republican leadership.

New Interior Front Runner has Abysmal Environmental Record

Today, president-elect Trump’s transition team has hinted that the position of Secretary of the Interior has been offered to Rep. Ryan Zinke, a Congressman from Montana.  It is unclear if he will accept the position, and this news comes after the transition team released a similar claim regarding an offer made to Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington late last week.

Expected Trump Interior Secretary has Terrible Environmental Record, Supports Selling Public Lands

Oregonians who hike, camp, hunt, or fish in places like Mount Hood National Forest, the Eagle Cap Wilderness, and the Wild Rogue should be shocked and angered by President-elect Donald Trump’s expected selection of Cathy McMorris Rodgers to head the US Department of Interior.  Trump has repeatedly promised to oppose privatizing America’s National Parks, Forests, Wildlife Refuges, and other public lands. Yet in nominating McMorris Rodgers he has selected a person with a record of trying to dismantle Teddy Roosevelt’s legacy, and sell-off America’s public lands heritage.

Cities Across the Northwest Rally for Malheur NWR and Public Lands

Images from Portland, Eugene, Bend, Salem, La Grande, Medford, Boise, Seattle, and the Malheur Refuge
(images from Spokane, WA and Las Vegas, NV rallies not available yet)


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