Public Records Raise Questions About Oregon Governor’s Involvement in Anti-Wolf Bill

A public records request for emails and text messages between the staff of Governor Kate Brown and backers of controversial wolf legislation during the 2016 session appear to contradict claims of her office’s neutrality on the bill.  The messages show that her staff  were heavily involved in the development of the legislation, and worked closely with lobbyists for the livestock industry to push the measure through the Oregon Senate.  

The Political Double-Standard for Wolves

I hope you’ll bear with me for the following hypothetical scenario:

A controversial infrastructure project is being considered by Oregon’s Department of Transportation. There is intense public interest of the project, with 95% of public comments disapproving. While state law requires such projects to be evaluated by an unbiased peer review panel to be improved and revised before submitting to the Transportation Commission for a vote, in the name of political expediency, ODOT bureaucrats sidestep that review process.

A Eulogy for OR-4

We met three times, but I imagine that I barely registered in his life.

To him I was no more than an occasional scent on his trail or the source of a tortured imitation of a howl.
But to me, no nonhuman animal ever has been or likely ever will be as important or consequential in my life as OR4.

Oregon Wild Statement on Gov. Brown Signing Anti-Wolf Bill

Oregon Wild released the following statement following the signing of the anti-wolf legislation HB 4040 by Oregon Governor Kate Brown:

When Governor Kate Brown came into office, she declared that honest and open government would be her top priority. HB 4040, legislation written to shield the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) from judicial review and public accountability, directly undermines the Governor’s pledge of good governance.

Conservationists Call for Veto of HB 4040

Oregon Wild released the following statement today following the passage of HB 4040 through the Oregon State Senate. The bill now heads to Governor Kate Brown.

Today is a troubling day for Oregonians who want fairness, transparency, and accountability from our state government.  

Oregon Wild Ones Adopt a Wolf

Ione, the wolf adopted by the Oregon Wild Ones

By Keith Larson

Oregon Wild Statement on 5th Known Gray Wolf Poaching in Oregon

Oregon Wild released the following statement following news that OR-22, a collared gray wolf dispersed from the Umatilla River pack, had been shot and killed in Eastern Oregon. An unnamed individual alleged to have mistakenly killed the wolf while hunting coyotes.

Oregon Wild Statement on Wallowa County Wolf Deaths

Today, the Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Division requested assistence from the public in investigating the deaths of two Wallowa County wolves. The Sled Springs pair, one of which was collared, were found 50 yards from each other. Oregon Wild released the following statement in response to the incident:

Lil' Rogues

It’s been a busy last few days for Oregon’s wolves and those working to protect them, with new places, new dates, and new pups!

When I wrote to you last, it was about an important Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) Commission meeting in Seaside. But there’s been a change! The agenda for that meeting has moved and the ODFW Commission will now be taking comments on whether to delist gray wolves on Friday, Oct. 9th in Florence, OR.


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