2019 Oregon Wild Outdoor Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to all the finalists of the 2019 Outdoor Photo Contest!

After thousands of online and in-person ballots from the public, here are the winners and runners-up in each category:

  • 2019 Wildlands Winner
    The 2019 Wildlands winner: Fort Rock by Joan Martelli.
  • 2019 Wildlands 1st Runner-Up
    The 2019 Wildlands 1st runner-up: Boca Cave by Wes Baker.
  • 2019 Wildlands 2nd Runner-Up
    The 2019 Wildlands 2nd runner-up: Three Sisters by Lucas Rietmann.
  • 2019 Wildlife winner
    The 2019 Wildlife winner: Crystal Springs by Dan Kearl.
  • 2019 Wildlife 1st Runner-Up
    The 2019 Wildlife 1st runner-up: Cannon Beach by Ryan Hooper.
  • 2019 Wildlife 2nd Runner-Up
    The 2019 Wildlife 2nd runner-up: Western Meadowlark by Tara Lemezis.
  • 2019 Waters Winner
    The 2019 Waters winner: Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor by Devin Tolman.
  • 2019 Waters 1st Runner-Up
    The 2019 Waters 1st runner-up: North Umpqua by Lucas Rietmann.
  • 2019 Waters 2nd Runner-Up
    The 2019 Waters 2nd runner-up: Drift Creek Falls by Rhett Wilkins.
  • 2019 Endangered Places Winner
    The 2019 Endangered Places winner: Kalmiopsis Wilderness by Kelly Morgan.
  • 2019 Endangered Places 1st Runner-Up
    The 2019 Endangered Places 1st runner-up: Kopetski Trail by Don Jacobson.
  • 2019 Endangered Places 2nd Runner-Up
    The 2019 Endangered Places 2nd runner-up: Opal Creek by Don Jacobson.