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Join us to explore Oregon through hikes and events!

Oregon Wild's staff work to engage our supporters and the public in online webcasts and discussions, community events, happy hours, art and photo contests, and hikes throughout the year. We hope you'll join us to learn something new, dive a little deeper into an issue, or explore a new place.

Ordinarily, we'd offer outdoor excursions to the public, but due to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, this program is on hold. Instead, please see our suggested outings and our best practices for outdoor adventures in this age of COVID-19.


Hikers on the McNeil Point trail in Mount Hood National Forest (photo by Eric Nomura)
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Hikes & Events

Ben Deumling, the owner and manager of Zena Forest Products, will talk about how Oregonians relate to our forests, and…
Eastern Oregon's remaining old growth trees provide habitat for all sorts of unique wildlife. With a special focus on…