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We partner with businesses that share our values and have shown a commitment to Oregon’s wildlands, wildlife, and waters.

For more information about the Oregon Wild Business Partnership program, contact Jonathan Jelen at

Our Business Partners

  • $10,000 Business Partners

    Killian Pacific

    “We are proud to support Oregon Wild in its mission to advocate for and protect our wildlands, wildlife, and waters – ensuring the preservation of our region’s natural places.”

    Killian Pacific owns, develops, and manages thoughtful real estate throughout the Pacific Northwest. They stand for quality over quantity, purpose over profit, and deliberate planning over hasty development. As important as our financial impact, is their social impact on the communities they invest in and operate within. They champion sustainability, fuel creative expression, and support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Through productively serving their communities and enriching a sense of place, they believe they can spark a ripple effect that ignites a far-reaching positive social impact that ultimately, makes this region stronger.

    Mountain Rose Herbs

    Mountain Rose Herbs is a leader for conservation in the business community and one who truly walks the talk when it comes to protecting the wild places, the pristine waters, and the native wildlife in Oregon. As a purveyor of sustainable organic ingredients, Mountain Rose Herbs knows the importance of protected watersheds and strong environmental protections. Based in Eugene, Mountain Rose Herbs is a leader in the organics and natural products industry and avidly supports conservation as one of their core values. Whether it’s participating in events like our Oregon Wildlife Lobby Day, collaborating on grassroots organizing events to help reform Oregon’s logging practices, or through their generous financial support, Mountain Rose Herbs is a partner in every sense of the word.

  • $5,000+ Business Partners

    EARTH Sticker

    “Oregon Wild continues to be an indispensable player in the ongoing effort to permanently protect and defend wild places in Oregon.”

    Oregon Wild is grateful to be a long-time beneficiary of the EARTH sticker. Showing their dedication to conservation, all the proceeds of the EARTH sticker are contributed to non-profit organizations working to protect the natural world.

  • $2,500+ Business Partners

    Mahonia Realty

    Mahonia Realty agents are dedicated to giving back. While they help you invest in your future, they invest in our community. Mahonia agents generously donate up to 10% of their earnings to non-profit organizations like Oregon Wild.

    Mount Tabor Veterenary Care

    Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care provides full-service, individualized veterinary patient care. This award-winning practice strives to make you a part of your pet’s healthcare by giving you the support, education, and medical expertise you need to preserve the health and well-being of your pet and nurture the special relationship you have with them.

    Fullerton Wines

    Fullerton Wines Website

    “Our love of otters runs deep. Their prominent role on our family crest inspires our passion for helping organizations that protect these beautiful animals and their habitat. Raise a glass of Three Otters, and you also help our otters in the Pacific Northwest.”


    As members of 1% for the Planet, our friends at Ink:Built are world-class architects, world-class designers, and world-class people. Their deep commitment to equity and conservation can be seen all over Portland with energy efficient, climate smart, and affordable housing buildings.

  • $1,000+ Business Partners

    Bartel Contracting / Built Environments Northwest

    With over thirty years of experience, Bartel Contracting is a local company that really walks the walk when it comes to the values of social and environmental responsibility. In particular, they adhere to the “Triple Bottom Line” – a framework that emphasizes their responsibility to not just profit, but also people and the planet.

    Juniper Ridge

    Juniper Ridge has been an Oregon Wild supporter for over a decade with a special affinity for our work to permanently protect special places as Wilderness. They know that being out in the Wilderness is an experience that spans across all senses – it’s not just the look and feel of the wild, but also its smell that makes the experience complete. From cedar and sage to pine and fir, Juniper Ridge harnesses the fragrances of Wilderness to make unique, wild-crafted products from the mountains, forests, and deserts of the West. As a model for green business, Juniper Ridge redefines what you should expect from the companies who get your business.

    Peoria Gardens

    Peoria Gardens works hard to do the right thing for our planet. That includes taking care of our wild spaces, which they see as our state’s natural gardens. Whether it is in your backyard or the Oregon outback, Peoria Gardens wants to work together to grow a more colorful world.


    Based in Corvallis, Spiritopia is an innovative, award-winning craft distillery and winery located in the heart of the Willamette Valley of Oregon. They source the finest ingredients (100% natural, organic where feasible) and use their knowledge of chemistry to ferment and distill the best-tasting whiskeys, brandy, liqueurs, and aperitif wines.


    Earthwell designs and produces the highest quality, premium finished stainless steel drinkware imaginable — top to bottom, inside and out. Earthwell’s goods are made for active outdoor adventurers who play hard, push boundaries, and place a high value on design, function, performance, durability, and respect for our shared planet. Earthwell is a proud member of 1% for the Planet and pledges one percent of every sale to environmental non-profits and charities who help protect wild places, including Oregon Wild.

    Cafe Mam

    Based in Eugene, Cafe Mam is a local company that puts their values front and center by donating 2% of sales to non-profit organizations dedicated to organic agriculture, social justice, and environmental causes. Their coffee is 100% organically grown by fair trade cooperatives of Mayan farmers living in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico.

    Organically Grown Company

    Organically Grown Company are promoting health through organic agriculture as a leading sustainable organization. Organically Grown is the largest wholesaler of organic produce in the Pacific Northwest with Eugene and Portland, OR and Kent, WA locations.

    Pro Photo Supply

    Portland-based Pro Photo Supply is Oregon’s photography and imaging source. With a complete line of camera, lenses, lighting, video, and computer supplies as well as the largest selection of dark room supplies in Portland, Pro Photo is the place to go for imaging needs. As a founding sponsor of the Oregon Wild Outdoor Photo Contest, Pro Photo is a valued partner in helping Oregonians capture the wild beauty of our special state.

    Wild Carrot Herbals

    Wild Carrot Herbals are a small, family owned and operated business located in Enterprise, Oregon. Their products are all made in very small batches—measured, mixed, hand poured and labeled the old fashioned way with love, care and cleanliness.

    Trillium Asset Management

    Trillium strongly believes in companies that adhere to strong Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) policies. They’ve found that integrating ESG factors into the investment process is the best way to deliver strong long-term, risk-adjusted returns to their clients. Trillium’s ESG research is primarily focused on selecting companies that are meeting positive thresholds of performance for ESG issues, such as strong workplace practices, a demonstrated record of producing safe products for consumers, protecting the environment, fair compensation, and respecting and upholding human rights.

    Next Adventure

    Next Adventure was conceived by childhood friends Deek & Bryan in 1997 selling only used gear and closeouts, and has now grown into the premier outdoor retailer. Inform, Outfit, Excite, their tagline says it all: who they are, what they are, and why they do it. They pride themselves on their knowledge of the wilderness and getting all we can from it. They share a bond with their customers & spread the joy of getting everyone outside safely, comfortably, efficiently, and within budget.


    Wyld creates the best-in-class cannabis edibles using real fruit and natural flavors. Wyld products have been built with flavors inspired by their love of nature, high quality ingredients, consistent dosing, and one goal in mind: to produce the best tasting edibles in the world. Wyld partners with local and national organizations like Oregon Wild to uplift and accelerate their efforts. Wyld will continue to push for a better future, and use their success to power positive outcomes for people and the planet.

    Cup of Tea

    Cup of Tea takes pride in providing a delightful tea experience while supporting causes close to their hearts. They are located in the vibrant community of Happy Valley, where they offer a cozy and inviting ambiance where tea enthusiasts can purchase loose-leaf tea, unwind, connect, and indulge in the art of tea.

    “We have a profound appreciation for nature and the environment. That’s why we wholeheartedly support Oregon Wild, a remarkable charity dedicated to preserving and protecting the beautiful wilderness of Oregon. By partnering with Oregon Wild, we aim to raise awareness and contribute to the conservation of our natural heritage.”

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