Opal Creek by Don Jacobson
Don Jacobson

Our Work

Defending Forests & Public Lands

Because nature needs defenders.

Forests define the rugged beauty of our state. They provide homes for wildlife, clear, cold streams, places to enjoy the outdoors, and incredible climate benefits. Yet our last mature and old-growth forests are at continued risk. So we take on giants.
Eagle Creek by Evan Marx
Evan Marx
Ponderosa pines and aspens by Brett Cole
Brett Cole

Threats to public lands seem never-ending. Our last mature and old-growth forests are targeted for logging. Continued harm to waterways and habitat drives wildlife to the brink of extinction. And environmental laws, proudly passed to protect the nation’s natural wonders, are eroded by out-of-touch lawmakers.

Over the decades, we’ve stopped countless old-growth timber sales and other egregious logging projects in every corner of the state. We’ve defended key provisions in federal forest policy to protect rare species and streams in Western Oregon. We pushed back against recent rollbacks to the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument and fought to maintain large-tree protections across Central and Eastern Oregon. When short-sighted political deals threatened to starve Klamath Basin wildlife refuges of water or sell off the Elliott State Forest to the highest bidder, we stopped those plans dead in their tracks.

Eagle Creek by Evan Marx
Evan Marx

Key Staff

  • Lauren AndersonClimate Forests Program Manager
  • Doug HeikenConservation & Restoration Coordinator
  • Casey KullaState Forest Policy Coordinator
  • Rob KlavinsEastern Oregon Field Coordinator
  • Steve PederyConservation Director
  • John PersellStaff Attorney
  • Victoria WingellForests and Climate Campaigner

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