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Flames on the forest floor

Nine Things Oregonians Should Know About Forest Fires


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Our ancient forests capture and store vast amounts of carbon pollution. Tell the US Department of Agriculture to protect our remaining old growth. 
Our forests can be an incredible tool for capturing and storing carbon. Tell President Biden's climate team that forest protections must be part of our US climate strategy!
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Join journalist and author Kale Williams for a presentation on his work writing The Loneliest Polar Bear, exploring how…
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Mar 31, 2021
- Contributed by Sam Krop In the aftermath of the 2020 Labor Day Fires, Oregon’s forests are ringing with the sounds of chainsaws. These days, visitors to fire-impacted federal…
Mar 30, 2021
by Crystal Nichols My car chattered down yet another Monument washboard road, and then I saw it. Large dark green letters on a stark white background, and two words that read: No…