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Flames on the forest floor

Nine Things Oregonians Should Know About Forest Fires

Oregon's Ancient Forests

Oregon's Ancient Forests: A Hiking Guide

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Many of us are experiencing restricted access to our public lands and waters. Meanwhile, the Administration is attempting to allow extractive industries unfettered access.Write your Senators and ask…
Climate change, logging, and more visitors than ever before are changing Mount Hood. We need Congress to introduce a new plan to safeguard these precious public lands for the 21st Century!
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Take a virtual tour of some of the more off-the-beaten-path trails where you’ll be able to enjoy the mountain safely as…
From wilderness areas to urban backyards, bees are always underfoot yet often unseen. Learn more at the June 24th…
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Oregon Wildblog

Jun 4, 2020
What’s cute, fuzzy, an expert 'rafter' and that Oregon Wild is working hard to bring back to the state? What's cute, fuzzy, an expert 'rafter' and that Oregon Wild is working…
May 29, 2020
Although new studies reveal a previously unexpected, tremendous capacity of  west coast forests to absorb CO2,  this new scientific understanding has not yet been transformed into…