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The head of a condor close up with a bright blue sky in the background. Text: Shadow of the Condor

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Flames on the forest floor

Ten Things Oregonians Should Know About Forest Fires

Professor Bev Law stands beside a massive tree

Let Forests Grow

Our forests have an important role to play in fighting climate change


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On Dec 1st, learn about Bears Ears and its significance for the five tribes united for its protection.
On Dec 8th, join director Devin Tau and cast members of “Who’s on Top?” LGBTQs Summit Mt. Hood for an exclusive Q&A…
On February 2nd, welcome a guest from the Elakha Alliance. They will teach us about the sea otter feasibility study,…
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Oregon Wildblog

Nov 17, 2021
Leaders need to act on federal, state action to advance Oregon’s efforts to protect waterways   A river, as all great things, must start somewhere. Like the network of blood…
Nov 12, 2021
Lauren Anderson
What is COP 26 and why is it important? The COP, or “Conference of the Parties,” is the annual United Nations climate change conference. The very first COP was held in Berlin,…