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Alsea Falls by Alan Hirschmugl

Expanding Oregon's Wild and Scenic Heritage

It's Easy to Nominate Your Favorite River for Protections

A sea otter in the ocean

The Lost Sea Otters of Oregon

A special podcast and blog series

Oregon's Ancient Forests

Oregon's Ancient Forests: A Hiking Guide

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Tell your state reps that Oregon’s wildfire policies should prioritize protecting homes and communities, not boosting timber harvest on public lands.
Tell Oregon's elected leaders to protect Oregon's forests, drinking water, and the communities that rely on them - or else we'll take matters into our own hands at the ballot box!
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Hikes & Events

Join Oregon Wild for a presentation on how and where to snowshoe in central Oregon! We'll have tips and suggestions…
Join Oregon Wild at the Hult Center in Eugene for this year's National Geographic Live! series. Use the code “ORwild”…
Join author of "Oregon's Ancient Forests" A hiking guide" and Oregon Wild staffer Chandra LeGue for a talk at the Cape…
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Oregon Wildblog

Jan 16, 2020
Happy New Year! Let’s make 2020 the year of activism, passion, and more wildlife victories!   WOLVES It was this month, 25 years ago, that 14 wolves were transported to…
Jan 6, 2020
The impacts of industrial forestry, especially clearcuts, on salmon are well known. Clearcutting the upper reaches of watersheds heats the cold water salmon need to survive, as do…