Let nature live. Let nature last.

David Herasimtschuk

What We Do

We are Oregon’s oldest statewide environmental nonprofit working to protect wildlands, wildlife, and waters for generations to come.

Through public education, direct lobbying, grassroots activism, litigation, watchdogging, and community building, we fight for an Oregon where nature doesn’t just survive but thrives.

Mount Hood Paradise Park by James Parsons
James Parsons

Our Impact

1.8 millionacres of Wilderness permanently protected in Oregon.

Our Impact

2,000+miles of Wild & Scenic Rivers safeguarded to protect clean water, wildlife habitat, and free flowing scenery.

Our Impact

2square miles of old-growth logged every day in the mid-1980s before Oregon Wild led the charge for the Northwest Forest Plan and stemmed the tide of ancient forest clearcutting.

We rely on our activist and supporter network to power change in Oregon and in the US.

Melissa Lyttle

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