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Flames on the forest floor

Ten Things Oregonians Should Know About Forest Fires


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Old forests are crucial for addressing the climate and extinction crises we face today and we have an opportunity to…
Join us on June 1st at 6 PM for an evening of storytelling about the belted kingfisher, the patroller of our rivers and…
On our July 6th webcast, biologists and council members from the Klamath Tribes will share details on their beaver…
Learn all about porcupine in the PNW, the second largest rodent in North America.
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Oregon Wildblog

May 19, 2022
Learn about our state's journeying marine mammals. From the biggest animals on Earth like the blue whale, which weighs as much as 33 elephants (~200 tons) and has a heart the size…
May 13, 2022
  On May 3, 2022 after nearly a century long absence, the first two California condors (prey-go-neesh) were reintroduced by the Yurok Tribe and Redwood National and State Parks in…