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June 2024


Guided Hike

June 24

Tamanawas Falls Hike

Tamanawas Falls with people

Enjoy a relatively flat hike to 100-foot tall Tamanawas Falls on Mt. Hood’s east side – lesser known but equally as breathtaking as its rivals in the Gorge.

Tamanawas Falls with people


Guided Hike

June 28

Metolius River Hike

Kayaker on the Metolius River by Leon Werdinger

Hike along the famous clear waters of the Metolius River from Wizard Falls hatchery to Canyon Creek campground.

Kayaker on the Metolius River by Leon Werdinger

July 2024


Upper Rogue River by Sue Newmann

Hike through an ancient forest that borders the Wild & Scenic Upper Rogue River and Crater Lake National Park.

Upper Rogue River by Sue Newmann

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