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Webcast: Getting to Know Your Neighborhood Trees

Arborist and co-host of the Completely Arbortrary podcast Casey Clapp talks tree identification, and what we can learn about these mighty beings, the landscapes they live in, and ourselves.

Lookout Mountain: Roadless Beacon of the Ochocos

By Marina Richie

Spring wildflowers trickle like snowmelt from Lookout Mountain. By July, blooms will flood sagebrush meadows in lupine, paintbrush, penstemon, and scarlet gilia. Here, elk shelter within shady fir and pine forests. Pileated woodpeckers drum on life-giving dead trees. Colossal ponderosas grace the lower ridges. Juniper and mountain mahogany sculpt rocky outcrops. Songbirds bustle among leaves of aspen and alder by streams. Hawks, eagles, and ravens draft the shoulder of an open summit. 

Webcast: From Forests to Your Tap

Watch the recording of our most recent webcast with Dr. Jones and our very own Casey Kulla! In this webcast, they discussed our watersheds and the current threats to the health of both our drinking water and our forests.

Webcast: A Restoration Vision for Oregon’s Dry Forests

In this webcast, we welcome retired US Forest Service Ecologist Maret Pajutee to tell the story of how the Glaze Meadow Forest Project reduced fire risk to neighboring communities while also protecting old and mature trees for wildlife habitat and carbon storage.

Oregon's Troubling 2023 Wolf Report

Late last Friday afternoon, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) released its 2023 Wolf Report. The report, which was not directly linked to in the agency’s press release, update page, or email reveals a series of disturbing trends.

Celebrating Earth Month with our partners

Earth Day is more than a day; it's a celebration of an everyday commitment. Looking back at this last year, daily actions, big and small, amounted to huge steps forward for some of the biggest conservation efforts in Oregon Wild’s history. From pushing for a historic expansion of river protections to defending our Climate Forests to advocating for imperiled wildlife, these are some of the campaigns that have grown with an everyday commitment from Oregon Wild members and supporters.

A Big Win for Big Trees

Nearly four years ago to the day, as America faced unprecedented challenges, the Forest Service began a rushed and rigged process to undermine the only protections for Eastern Oregon’s largest and oldest trees. Just hours before President Biden’s inauguration, a Trump political appointee signed a decision gutting protections known as “the Screens.”

Oregon Wild, conservation allies, tribes, and scientists all joined the fight and challenged the removal of these protections in court. 

Late last Friday, those protections were fully reinstated!