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A man paddles down a river in a kayak - Take Action: Support the Oregon River Democracy Act

The River Democracy Act, introduced by Senator Ron Wyden (and co-sponsored by Senator Jeff Merkley) is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to protect 3,215 miles of new Wild & Scenic River designations all across Oregon. This visionary piece of legislation is the result of a grassroots nomination and vetting process where students, anglers, outfitters, whitewater paddlers, and river lovers of all stripes submitted over 15,000 nominations for rivers and streams to be considered for protection.

These new Wild & Scenic designations will protect clean drinking water sources, safeguard fish and wildlife habitat, bolster our state's outdoor recreation economy, and so much more. 

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As climate change and drought impacts worsen, we must protect our rivers and watersheds as best we can. @RonWyden’s #RiverDemocracyAct can help safeguard Oregon watersheds and make them resilient to future climate impacts. #WildAndScenicOregon

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Oregon’s rivers are some of our most special places. They provide outstanding recreational opportunities like whitewater rafting, fishing, hiking, and camping. I support @RonWyden’s #RiverDemocracyAct so these rivers can be protected for future generations of Oregonians. #WildAndScenicOregon

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Oregon’s native fish and wildlife depend on healthy rivers. Passing @RonWyden 's #RiverDemocracyAct will provide essential habitat protections for at-risk species like salmon and steelhead. #WildAndScenicOregon

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Indigo Creek, Illinois River Tributary by Priscilla Macy and Jacob Cruser