For Immediate Release

ODFW Issues Wolf-Kill Permits for Pine Creek Pack

Agency OKs Killing of Pregnant Female

Arran Robertson,
503-283-6343 x223

April 10, 2018

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has issued kill permits for the Pine Creek wolf pack.

“ODFW continues to lower the bar for killing wolves. Since verifiable non-lethal efforts have begun, there have been no further depredations. It is absurd that ODFW leadership would sign off on this kill order,” said Oregon Wild executive director Sean Stevens. “The agency appears to be rewarding a bad actor who has demanded the entire pack annihilated.”

An OPB investigation found that this particular livestock owner to be at the center of controversial payments disbursed through the state’s wolf compensation program without evidence of wolf depredations.

“The breeding female is pregnant and there is no restriction on killing these wolves. We should not be killing wolves, especially a pregnant female, in the midst of a poaching epidemic, and using a wolf management plan that expired three years ago.”

“ODFW has proven itself incapable of upholding Oregon’s conservation values. Oregonians need Governor Kate Brown to  act.”