Erik Fernandez

phone: 541.382.2616

A winner of the Skidmore Award for his important work to protect Mount Hood and the Columbia River Gorge as federally designated Wilderness, our Wilderness Program Manager Erik Fernandez started out with Oregon Wild doing volunteer and contract work in the late 1990s. In 2000, Erik joined the staff doing GIS (Geographic Information Systems) mapping that is crucial to Oregon Wild’s work. Erik now works with congressional offices, local elected officials, press, and conservation partners to protect Oregon's natural treasures as Wilderness. Erik has lead or been involved in successful campaigns to protect natural areas throughout Oregon.  When he’s not developing maps or talking to politicians, Erik is out in the field, leading Oregon Wild members and the public on nature hikes through the special places he seeks to protect.

Always active, Erik enjoys football, tennis, skiing, and exploring the world; his past adventures include hiking in Patagonia and the Amazon.