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Public Lands Town Hall with Congressman Blumenauer

On May 2nd, join KEEN, Oregon Wild, and Congressman Earl Blumenauer for a Town Hall about the state of our public lands in the current political climate. Come to learn about the various anti-public lands bills in Congress, the on-going efforts to expand protections for public lands, and the current status of Oregon’s Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument.

Public Lands Town Hall with Rep. Earl Blumenauer


Public Lands Summit (Bend)

As central Oregonians, we are fortunate to interact with public lands and wild places regularly. Our access to the great outdoors is the reason many of us choose to reside here, but these wild places do not exist without the help of the citizens like you who are willing to speak up for them.

Public Lands Summit 

Threats and Engagement

Saturday, May 12th, 3:00 - 6:00pm

Trinity Episcopal Church (469 NW Wall St, Bend)


Aerial Spray Panel - Eugene

Join the Willamette Valley Broadband of Great Old Broads  (with some help from Oregon Wild!) - for their first Eugene Area Broadtalk!

Aerial spraying of herbicides affects healthy forest understory growth, animal life, human communities nearby and creates groundwater and waterway contamination through run-off. Spray drifts via wind currents so it affects other areas than just the trees it is targeted on. Cancer and endocrine disruption are two effects on humans and wildlife. Doors open at 2:30, panel starts at 3pm. 

Lincoln City - Forestry and Herbicide Monitoring through FERNS online

Join Oregon Wild's Jason Gonzales as he explains the Oregon Department of Forestry's FERNS site.

FERNS is the online system provided by the Oregon Department of Forestry in which you can monitor and comment on upcoming logging operations, as well as the herbicide applications that follow. We will discuss how to sign up for the free service, how to search for activity in your area, and how to subcribe to monitor a specific region you care about. 

Portland Rally Against Greenwashing Clearcuts!

On Tuesday March 20th, the logging industry (AKA King Clearcut), along with architects, builders, and elected officials from Portland, Oregon, and beyond, will gather at the Oregon Convention Center for the International Mass-Timber Conference. 

At this conference, King Clearcut will spend three days making the case that clearcut logging is good for forests and good for Oregon. We plan to be there with a different message - one of healthy forests, and clean cool streams - and you can join us! 

Letter to the Editor Writing Workshop - Public Lands edition

Speak up and advocate for Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument and Public Lands around Oregon!


Eugene Wild Ones: Activism for Introverts

Join us for our 2018 Oregon Wild Ones workshop and activity series, and help make a difference for the public lands, wildlife, and Oregon you love! 


Responsible Forestry Forum

Oregon Wild Presents:

The Responsible Forestry Forum
Ecologically and Socially Responsible Forestry and Why it Matters

Hear from Nancy Webster, founding member of the Citizens of Rockaway Beach for Watershed Protection - one of Oregon Wild's main partners in our campaign to modernize Oregon's forest laws - about the impacts of of status-qou industrial logging on rural Oregon's communities and their drinking water. 

Cascade-Siskiyou Action Meeting (PDX)

Any day now, President Trump will likely announce reductions for Oregon's Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, stripping protections for old-growth forests on public land.



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