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Oregon’s wolves and other wildlife need your help! 

After many attempts to extirpate large carnivores, like wolves, from Oregon by government-sponsored campaigns of poisoning, trapping, and shooting, many native species are once again taking steps towardrecovery. Attitudes are changing, and more and more Americans are seeing and understanding value in the variety of native fish and wildlife. 

However, in places like Salem and Washington DC where policies managing our fish and wildlife are made, that change is coming more slowly, and powerful political interests are aligned against real recovery of native species. That’s why it’s imperative that we speak up in order to ensure their protection for years to come!

In particular, science is shedding light on the critical role apex predators and other native wildlife play on the landscape. In Oregon, wildlife like wolves, sea otters, and California condors are keystone species-- animals that have a disproportionate impact on their surrounding ecosystem-- and are critical to fostering biological diversity across our state and the Pacific Northwest. Where native species like these are absent from the places where they long thrived, our landscape suffers. This is why Oregon Wild is working hard to aid their recovery.

We all have a duty to be good stewards of our fish and wildlife. Our goal is to protect and restore Oregon's natural heritage to ensure our grandchildren and great grandchildren will have the chance to fish for wild salmon in rivers like the Clackamas and Rogue, see bald eagles soar over Upper Klamath Lake, and to hear the howl of wolves echo across the backcountry of the Blue Mountains.

Help us advocate for Oregon’s wildlife, educate the public, and inform decision makers by joining the Oregon Wild Wolf Pack today. By signing up below, you are pledging to support wolf recovery, promising to spread the word, and standing up for wildlife when they need your voice.

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