Protect the Endangered Species Act

A wolf, California condor and humpback whale mother with a calf

Help Safeguard Imperiled Species for Future Generations!

Majestic bald eagles soar over forested mountain slopes searching for prey, while gray wolves howl a melodious song in the distance. Gentle giants of the seas, humpback whales, gather to embark on their great annual migrations encircling the Hawaiian Islands and far beyond. California condors, long gone from Oregon skies, could soon be returning, gliding on swift air currents with outreached wings. All this and more, a world teeming with unique and fascinating life could have been gone with the blink of an eye. The reality we live in now where the most iconic species still exist – and many lesser known, but still vitally important ones too– is due to the protection of the Endangered Species Act.  

The Endangered Species Act is a bedrock piece of environmental legislation that has effectively prevented the extinction of the most imperiled species in the nation with a 99% success rate. This year marks the 50th anniversary of when the bipartisan Endangered Species Act of 1973 was signed into law—half a century of protecting, recovering and preventing the extinction of species and the habitats on which they depend. 

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) is one of the most popular pieces of legislation in the United States with a whopping 90% of voters supporting the lawl. Despite its overwhelming approval, Trump-era attacks have been slow to be reversed by the Biden administration and every year the ESA is under continuous assault from bad actors and their allies in Congress. With one third of all plant and animal species at risk of extinction we need action now.