Webcast: The Road to 30x30

Webcast: The Road to 30x30

Scientists worldwide agree that in order to protect biodiversity and address global climate change, bold action towards conservation is needed: they recommend working to conserve 30% of the planet's natural land and oceans by the year 2030 (known as the “30x30 initiative”).

Join us for this webcast that will explore how conserving 30% of the U.S.'s lands and waters can meet these goals and benefit all Americans. We'll hear from Lauren Bogard, Director of Campaigns & Special Projects with the Center for Western Priorities. Lauren is heading up the “Road to 30: Postcards” campaign – a multimedia compilation to tell the stories of local people and organizations working to conserve specific landscapes, showing the breadth and depth of support that is driving conservation efforts across the country as a way to encourage the Biden administration to use its administrative tools to support on-the-ground conservation opportunities in order to reach the 30x30 goal.

Background and resources:

A new national project to protect biodiversity and address climate change needs your input! Help shape the development of the American Conservation and Stewardship Atlas to identify and prioritize lands and waters for conservation in Oregon and across the US.

Link to the Postcards website. You can find links to all the films (including the Greater Hart-Sheldon film), podcasts, and blogs, as well as an overview of the campaign.

Link to "Learn" page of Road to 30.org. This is a great resource to learn more about the science behind the 30x30 goal, as well as the benefits and ways to get there.

Link to Road to 30 resources page. This has links to the whiteboard explainer video, our series of interactive storymaps looking at different types of conservation, a link to download a summary of the 30x30 goal and a by-the numbers fact sheet, and a fact vs fiction blog to address misinformation about the 30x30 goal.

Link to Whiteboard explainer video with Dr. Enric Sala and Former Senator Tom Udall.

Link to The Landscape podcast. All of of CWP's podcasts are posted here.

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