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Webcast: The Return of the Condor

Bringing back the California condor isn’t just an opportunity for restoration and rewilding, but also reconnection and cultural rebirth.


Webcast: The Mysterious World of the Marbled Murrelet

Enter the secret world of the marbled murrelet, a rare seabird that nests in the dwindling old-growth forests of Oregon's Coast Range. Then learn about near-term actions you can take to speak up for this imperiled species and other endangered wildlife.

Webcast: Volcanoes of the Cascades

What do Mt. Hood, the Three Sisters, and Mt. Shasta all have in common? They are all volcanoes! If you've ever wondered how they got here, why they're all (mostly) in a line, or why they look the way they do, this webcast is for you. Hal Wershow, Assistant Professor of Geology at Central Oregon Community College, presents a brief (and accessible) introduction to the Cascade Volcanoes.

Ochoco Mountains Coordinator Jamie Dawson also presents on Oregon Wild's efforts to protect the Cascades and the incredibly important habitat that surrounds them.

Webcast: Oregon's Wildest Rivers

Take a virtual tour of Oregon's most stunning waterways, from the Rogue to the Imnaha. And you'll find no better guide than River Outfitter and Guide Zach Collier

The Legacy of OR-7

The team at Oregon Wild explores the history of gray wolves in Oregon, from their extermination and half century of absence to their return and fragile recovery. We dive into the current state of wolves, breaking down the newly released annual wolf report and the latest attempt to strip wolf protections away on the federal level. Representative Pam Marsh joins us for a special commemoration of the famous wandering wolf OR-7, his epic journey, and the legacy he will leave the rest of Oregon's wolves.

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