Webcast: Strengthening Our Democracy: Insights from Tribal Democracy Project

When democracy works and the values of all people are reflected in decisions, water, wildlife, and landscapes are safeguarded. When a narrower group of wealthy interests are the only ones with a seat at the table, these values are degraded. Oregon Wild believes in a functioning and healthy representative democracy for all; one in which people power matters more than the power of money. Oregonians deserve fair elections and leaders who listen to them before listening to big donors.

That’s why we’re excited to welcome Tribal Democracy Project to learn about their vital work to engage in civics education in Tribal Communities, address issues of Native vote disenfranchisement, promote electoral reforms rooted in racial equity, and uplift Native candidates for public office. Though a relatively new organization, they’re already making a positive impact.

In this webcast, co-founders Brian and Jaylyn talk about the mission, vision, and scope of their organization, Tribal Democracy Project, and their top priorities for this year and beyond. Their presentation includes Tribal Democracy Project’s philosophy on electoral reforms, including redistricting and ranked-choice voting efforts, a discussion of ceded lands, Tribal treaty rights and land acknowledgments, and an overview of their upcoming Warm Springs Civics workshop series.

We have included some resources for further reading and learning. You can also find more resources on our Oregon Wildland acknowledgment page

  • Warm Springs ceded lands map
  • Map and overview of the Federally recognized Tribes in Oregon.
  • Four Deaths: The Near Destruction of Western Oregon Tribes and Native Lifeways, Removal to the Reservation, and Erasure from History

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