Webcast: Marbled Murrelet - A Seabird of the Forest

Text: Seabird of the Forest Image: The ocean and a rocky forested coastline, inset photo of a small grey bird cradled in hands

Enter the mysterious world of the marbled murrelet, a rare seabird that nests in the dwindling old-growth forests of Oregon's Coast Range. For years, scientists struggled to understand where these birds nested - eventually finding them intimately tied to the forest ecosystems of the coast that were also home to salmon, northern spotted owls, and many other species at risk from extensive clearcutting. Out at sea, these birds face a different set of challenges to survival - especially in a warming climate.

Kim Nelson, a research wildlife biologist with Oregon State University, has been studying these birds and the ecosystems they depend on for decades. Join her as we go deep into the forest, ocean, and the complex issues that are determining the fate of this fascinating bird, and how you can help this fragile species!

If you're interested in participating in volunteer surveys for Marbled Murrelets on the central Oregon Coast July 18-19, 2023, find out more and sign up here!