The Keystone Circle: Your Wildlands Legacy Through Planned Giving

Creating a Lasting Legacy by Joining the Keystone Circle

The Keystone Circle is open to anyone at any level who wants to leave behind a lasting legacy for Oregon’s wild places and wildlife.

Including Oregon Wild in your planned giving is easy and each person’s plan can be as varied and unique as the wild places that inspire us. Legacy giving isn’t just for the wealthy. Whether $500 or $50 million, every legacy gift makes a difference and helps ensure that Oregon Wild will be fighting for what’s most important to you long after you’ve reached the end of the trail.

Just as keystone species have a tremendous impact on the health and future of their natural ecosystems, the Keystone Circle will set the course for the future health of Oregon’s wild places.

Click here to download the Oregon Wild Legacy Giving Form.

So, what will your legacy be?

  • Protecting the last remaining old-growth forests in Oregon.
  • Restoring ecosystems throughout Oregon that contain healthy populations of native wildlife including salmon and gray wolves.
  • Preserving the places in Oregon that are cherished by you and your family.

Make the protection and restoration of Oregon’s wildlands, wildlife, and waters your enduring legacy for future generations.

While annual memberships, contributions, and grants are critical to the success of Oregon Wild, our future success is predicated on our ability to build a sustainable source of funding that provides for today, tomorrow, and beyond. By creating a bequest in your will or trust, you help ensure that the future of Oregon Wild continues for generations to come.

To learn more about keeping Oregon Wild as your legacy, please call our Executive Director, Sean Stevens at 503-283-6343 ext 211 or email him at:

Photo of Three Sisters Wilderness by Khristian Snyder.