Conservation Conversations

Highlighting BIPOC Voices

Hi, my name is Ally Fisher. Like you, I care deeply about protecting our wild landscapes, water, and wildlife. Unfortunately, people of color like me have often been left out of the environmental movement in the United States. In order to create long lasting, impactful transformations to address the massive environmental challenges we face today, combat climate change and the extinction crisis, we’re going to need diverse perspectives. This series highlights leaders who are on the front lines changing how we work on and talk about these issues. My goal is to educate people to become more informed and show that there is a strong community of color in this movement. I hope that this inspires youth (especially of color) to pursue environment-related careers and promotes a culture of inclusivity, diversity and equity.

Sristi Kamal, Senior Representative for the Northwest Program for Defenders of Wildlife

In this interview, Sristi and I talk about the issue of climate change and how it intersects with equity, diversity and inclusion. Additionally, she reflects on how her multicultural status impacts her perspectives on conservation.