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Maps Illustrate the Extent of Logging and Grazing Across Bootleg Fire Footprint

july 19, 2021 map analysis - logging and grazing across the bootleg fire perimeter
July 19th, 2021

76% of the area inside perimeter was previously logged and/or grazed

Oregon Wild released new maps this morning showing the extent of logging and grazing within the perimeter of the Bootleg fire. The blaze in southern Oregon is currently the largest fire in the country at over 350,000 acres (600 square miles). The maps illustrate a challenge to policies, long supported by the timber industry and recipients of public-lands livestock subsidies, that large-scale logging and grazing prevents fires. This analysis continues to build the case that logging far from homes and communities is not an effective fire-mitigation strategy.

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“Like the 2020 Labor Day fires, we’re seeing weather conditions drive these large-scale wildfires, and they’re proving just how ineffective logging and grazing are for stopping fire. In fact, they appear to have made conditions worse,” said Oregon Wild Wilderness Campaign Manager Erik Fernandez. “This is the result not just of climate change and weather events, but of a century of fire suppression, cutting out fire-resistant old trees, and massive subsidies doled out to public lands logging and grazing interests.”

“Unfortunately, while legislation recently passed by the Oregon legislature takes several proactive steps toward protecting homes and communities, it also continues to subsidize the logging industry under the guise that it is a magical fix for fire and fails to recognize that in many situations it can make them worse.”

This analysis is based on the fire perimeter on July 19th. Oregon Wild anticipates updating the analysis and mapping after the fire is out.

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