Oregon finally passed a wildfire bill. But is it any good?

Oregon’s legislature has become increasingly dramatic in recent years. The last several sessions have featured high-profile walkouts by the Republican super-minority, which has stalled consideration of important business like climate change legislation and, in the early 2020 short session, preparation for the COVID-19 pandemic. The drama in Salem reached its climax with violent protestors breaching the State Capitol in December of 2020 at the apparent invitation of Rep. Mike Nearman, who opened the door for them.

Home is where the fire is

Our reaction to forest fire needs to be more nuanced than just: ”cut and replant.” Burns, it turns out, are actually an opportunity to regenerate a missing component of the spotted owl’s ancestral habitat. 

Webcast: Renewal in Our Burned Forests

Fire is elemental, fire is powerful, fire can and does destroy homes. But does fire destroy our forests? What happens when forests are allowed to regrow naturally?

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