Forests are our Future: Rally to Protect our Mature & Old Growth Forests

June 13, 2024

1220 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97204 (outside the Region 6 Forest Service office).

Flat Country Timber Sale by David Herasimtschuk

June 13th is your opportunity to stand up for our forests!

Our mature and old-growth forests are some of our best climate solutions, but they are threatened by a 20th-century paradigm that maximizes logging/timber extraction and profits at the expense of our forests, communities, and climate. Now is our chance to change the status quo!

This year, the Forest Service and Biden Administration are creating management guidelines for the future of our region’s forests for decades to come – the NW Forest Plan Amendment, the National Old Growth Amendment, and the Blue Mountains Forest Plan are all being updated, or introduced this year! Through these new policies, we must ensure that the Forest Service & Biden Administration permanently protects mature and old-growth forests on federal public lands from logging to protect our communities and climate. 

With so much on the line, we’re rallying at the Forest Service’s regional headquarters to demand that these important climate forests get the protections they deserve. Join us to learn more about each of these processes and how you can get involved. Will we see you there?

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