Webcast: Creating the American Perimeter Trail

There are hikers, and there are hikers. Long distance thru-hikers are uniquely driven, but Triple Crown hikers? They’re extra special. In order to qualify as a Triple Crown hiker, you must complete three of the US’s major long distance trails – the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail. 

But what if there’s more out there – what if we could hike all the way around the lower 48? That’s the question that Rue McKenrick is trying to answer. Rue is the Executive Director and originator of the American Perimeter Trail – which, for now, is still in the scouting phase. He’s already logged thousands of miles in pursuit of this goal, and is hoping to create a 12,000 mile loop circumnavigating the contiguous US. He also helps to better connect Americans to our public lands in the process. 

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