Webcast: From Forests to Your Tap

Across Oregon, the impacts of climate change are becoming increasingly evident, with winter floods on the rise and our summer water supply dwindling. However, it’s important to recognize that the situation is not solely a result of climate change.

Common forest practices, such as clearcuts, uniform replanting of single tree species, and the aerial application of herbicides, exacerbate our challenges. These practices amplify droughts in the summer and floods in the winter, putting further strain on our precious water resources.

Check out this recording of our recent Wild Wednesday Webcast, where we will dove into this critical issue with Dr. Julia Jones, Distinguished Professor of Geography at Oregon State University. Dr. Jones is a leading researcher who has made significant strides in connecting forest practices to streamflow and water quality.

During the webcast, Dr. Jones and Casey Kulla from Oregon Wild explored tipping points, potential solutions to reverse the troubling trends in failing streams and water quality, and the invaluable lessons we can learn from mature, healthy forests.

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