Webcast: Getting to Know Your Neighborhood Trees

Have you ever wondered about the stories that trees silently tell? Whether they stand tall in your backyard, adorn your local park, or thrive in the forests across our state, each tree holds a tale waiting to be discovered.

In this webcast, Casey Clapp, host of the Completely Arbortrary podcast, leads us on an exploration of Oregon’s diverse trees and ecosystems. Casey discusses trees and tree identification, and how understanding the unique traits of each tree can unlock hidden dynamics within our landscapes, no matter where you are in the state.

This presentation isn’t just about tree admiration—it’s about empowerment. By learning to identify the trees around us, we gain a deeper connection to our environment and the ecosystems that sustain us. Casey shares quick tricks and invaluable tips from his forthcoming regional tree identification guide, equipping you with the knowledge to uncover the wonders of Oregon’s trees right in your own backyard.

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