Webcast: The Natural History of the Klamath Mountains

Take a journey through the biotic and abiotic wonders that define the Klamath Mountains and one of the most unique mountain ranges in North America.

Ecologist and author Michael Kauffmann takes us on across the range based on his new book about the range that spans northwest California and southwest Oregon. We explore a variety of features that make the Klamath Mountains unique including climate, geology, water, fire, plants, and animals — all of which, when taken together, define one of the most biodiverse temperate mountain ranges on Earth.

Michael Kauffmann is a kindergarten through college educator in Humboldt County where he lives with his wife and two boys. He has also served as an ecologist mapping rare conifers across California and is the author of Conifer County and Conifers of the Pacific Slope and co-author of Field Guide to Manzanitas, California Desert Plants, and The Klamath Mountains: A Natural History.

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