Webcast: Where We Call Home

Reconnect with the natural world through essays that blend science and prose. In her debut work, journalist Josephine Woolington sheds light on diverse flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest. From the coastal tailed frog to yellow cedar, these stories encourage a more collective understanding of our natural wonders in a rapidly changing world.

You can pick up Josephine’s book Where We Call Home: Lands, Seas, and Skies of the Pacific Northwest at Powells Booksthis online bookshop, or your local bookshop.

Josephine Woolington is a writer, musician, and educator. She lives in the Willamette Valley, near the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, where she was born and raised. Her curiosity about all living things guides her creative endeavors and inspires her to understand how landscapes–and those who live in them–change over time. She is the author of “Where We Call Home: Lands, Seas, and Skies of the Pacific Northwest,” a nonfiction essay collection about native plants and animals. In addition to writing, she’s toured nationally and internationally, singing and playing keyboards with different musical artists. She writes, records, and performs her own music as well.

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