Doug Heiken

Doug Heiken - Oregon Wild - Conservation and Restoration Coordinator

With an education and work history in energy and natural resources policy and environmental law, Conservation and Restoration Coordinator Doug Heiken is a great asset to Oregon Wild.

He started volunteering for us in 1990, and in 1995, he joined the staff. Working out of our Eugene office, Doug watchdogs federal land management activities like timber sales that threaten old-growth forests, roadless areas, and imperiled species. In addition to meeting with reporters, scientists, government representatives, and Oregon Wild members to educate them on forest policy, Doug evaluates threatened places, comments on proposed timber sales, and coordinates litigation with other conservation groups to protect our forests, watersheds, and endangered species.

With Doug’s help, 150 timber sales were recently stopped with a survey-and-manage lawsuit that will force the government to look for and protect rare species before logging.

Doug is also our resident global-warming expert. He compiled and co-wrote “Climate Control: How Northwest Old-Growth Forests Can Help Fight Global Warming,” a publication that dispels a number of myths associated with global warming.

Making use of all that expertise is enough to keep anyone busy, but Doug still finds time for other interests, including current affairs, Internet culture, and music.

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