K. Anne Conrad-Antoville

Anne Conrad-Antoville - Oregon Wild - Finance, HR and Administration Director

Anne joined the staff of Oregon Wild in 2022. She grew up hiking and camping in the forests of Michigan, Wisconsin and Maryland.

As a teenager, she traveled to the West to study and perform as a concert cellist and fell in love with its wilderness. She was drawn to move to the Pacific Northwest, where she had the privilege of living off the grid in a second-growth forest for many years. For over two decades, Anne has been an advocate for forests, watersheds and threatened and endangered species by serving on the boards of several wilderness advocacy organizations and volunteering in a wide range of capacities from taking stream turbidity samples during winter storms to testifying before Forestry and Water Quality Boards.

Anne brings over 20 years of professional Finance and Administration experience to Oregon Wild. She loves hiking and spending contemplative time in nature communing with animals, birds, plants and trees with her husband Anthony, and is active as a collaborative artist with a focus on enlivening folkloric traditions.

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