Bybee Timber Sale

Logging in a Wilderness proposal? No thanks! Take action here to stop the Bybee logging project and protect the Wilderness on the doorstep of Crater Lake.

Bybee Timber Sale map

As you can see on the map above, the Bybee Timber Sale proposes logging directly adjacent to Crater Lake National Park. Crater Lake is Oregon's only National Park and the backcountry forests that surround one of the purest lakes in the world should not be subject to the harmful effects of logging.

Bybee Timber sale old growthThe Bybee logging project would log 1,300 acres in the proposed Crater Lake Wilderness. This would effectively cut off several intact wildlife corridors with logging and road building.  The project includes 12 miles of new roads. The logging would be enough to fill 7000 log trucks, which, if parked end-to-end, would stretch 73 miles from Medford to the boundary of Crater Lake National Park.

Not only would the Bybee Timber Sale imperil the fragile ecosystems of the park, but much of the logging would occur in the headwaters of the world famous Rogue River. The gushing, narrow canyons of the Upper Rogue should not be polluted by the sediment and logging debris from the Bybee Timber Sale.

Oregon Wild technical comments on Bybee timber sale.

Map by Erik Fernandez. Forest photo by George Sexton.