Forests and Energy Development

Making green energy and wildlands protection work

WindmillsOregon Wild's mission—to protect Oregon's wildlands, wildlife, and waters—is directly affected by the continued use of fossil fuels. Pollution and climate change, along with the harmful impacts of drilling, mining, and transportation of these fuels, pose a very serious threat to the natural treasures we work to protect. It is critical that the United States move away from fossil fuels and swiftly toward renewable, non-polluting, and environmentally sustainable sources of energy.

Given the enormous growth in energy use and consumption of fossil fuels over the last century, Oregon Wild recognizes that it is unrealistic to expect an immediate shift to renewable energy. However, a conservative strategy based on improved energy efficiency, transitions to cleaner fuels, and the investment in and the rapid adoption of renewable energy technologies, such as wind and solar power, offers enormous promise.

The need for renewable energy, and the economic opportunities it presents, must be tempered by a realistic evaluation of its impacts. Poorly designed or sited renewable energy projects can have serious negative environmental impacts.  Oregon Wild urges policy makers, project developers, utility companies, and others to carefully consider the following issues when evaluating renewable energy proposals.

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Columbia Gorge windmill photo by Brizz Meddings.