A Guide to Oregon's Ancient Forests

In 1991, Oregon Wild (then Oregon Natural Resources Council or ONRC) published a book by one of its longest serving staff members, Wendell Wood: "A Walking Guide to Oregon's Ancient Forests." Now, over 25 years later and two years after Wendell's untimely death, another Oregon Wild staffer, Chandra LeGue, is working to update and republish this "hiking guide that gives a damn." The new edition will include dozens of hike descriptions to help forest lovers explore some of Oregon's last remaining ancient forests, while giving readers the context and appreciation they need to be advocates for our forest ecosystems in a political climate that often puts industry profits ahead of public values.

This is a major undertaking and we are asking our supporters to help complete the task by sponsoring this work to republish the original "Walking Guide to Oregon's Ancient Forests" as "Oregon's Ancient Forests: A Hiking Guide" - due out in early summer 2019 from Mountaineers BooksDonate today!

This page will offer a compilation of blog posts and other project updates, ways to sponsor and support the publication of the guide, and other news and information about Oregon's precious old-growth forests.

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