Anastasia Kuznetsova

Anastasia Kuznetsova - Oregon Wild - Brand and Marketing Manager

Anastasia joined the Oregon Wild team in 2021 as the Brand and Marketing Manager. Growing up as a little girl in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, her favorite movie was Homeward Bound, which forever set her expectations for what the outdoors is supposed to look like.

Even though it made for some very disappointing picnic outings with her family, Anastasia always knew that the wild landscapes of her dreams were somewhere out there. Imagine her surprise when she recognized the wild valleys of Homeward Bound while backpacking in the Wallowas. You could say it was meant to be.

Anastasia joins the team after spending the majority of her career working for early-stage startups. As things go in the startup world, she has worn many different hats helping companies build and establish their brands. When it comes to storytelling, communications, social media, and brand building, Anastasia has seen it all. She is excited to bring her varied experience to help Oregon Wild connect with new supporters and spread our mission.

Anastasia has a B.S. in Biology from Simmons University and an M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy from Johns Hopkins University. In her free time, she loves discovering off-the-beaten-path places in Oregon, road-tripping with her husband, identifying plants, and listening to live music. When at home, she enjoys reading, sewing, and cuddling her pet bunny, Basil.

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