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A Eulogy for OR-4

We met three times, but I imagine that I barely registered in his life.

To him I was no more than an occasional scent on his trail or the source of a tortured imitation of a howl.
But to me, no nonhuman animal ever has been or likely ever will be as important or consequential in my life as OR4.

Oregon Wild Madness!

It's March and that means it's time for the fourth annual Oregon Wild Madness!

But before we tip off, you should know that not all "madness" is created equal.

For instance, earlier this year we all witnessed the kind of madness that fueled the armed takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge and continues to call for privatizing public lands across Oregon and the West. That’s not the kind of unhinged craziness we’re talking about.

Wildlife Corridors

By Eleanor Solomon

Imagine yourself in your house. Now, imagine that you can never leave your house or you will risk getting run over by a car, or getting shot. Out your window you can see all your neighbor’s houses, and you want to talk to your neighbors, but they can’t leave their houses either. You and everyone else in the neighborhood are stuck in your houses, for the rest of your lives, until perhaps someone brave enough leaves her house and risks her life to reach other people. Pretty horrible, right? This is the situation many wild animals are in today. 

A Successful Campaign for Clean Water and Great Beer

Koosah Falls photo by Sung Choi

It’s a powerful thing when local businesses stand up for the environment, especially when they’re advocating for something as essential as water. 

Oregonians rank water as a top environmental priority, which makes sense; the tap water for two-thirds of Oregonians is sourced from our state’s lakes, rivers, and streams. Water is also the primary ingredient in craft beer, a product that continues to define Oregon culture and grow as an important sector of our economy. 

Big Bad Wolf Bill Moves Forward

The bill to strip legal protection from Oregon wolves, HB 4040, passed the House this morning with a final tally of 33 yes, 23 no, 4 absent. While disappointing, the hard work of wildlife lovers like you convinced two thirds of Democratic Representatives to vote "NO" on this bad legislation.  Now we must turn our focus to the Senate. 

Oregon Wild Ones Adopt a Wolf

Ione, the wolf adopted by the Oregon Wild Ones

By Keith Larson

Cities Across the Northwest Rally for Malheur NWR and Public Lands

Images from Portland, Eugene, Bend, Salem, La Grande, Medford, Boise, Seattle, and the Malheur Refuge
(images from Spokane, WA and Las Vegas, NV rallies not available yet)


The Oregon Brewshed® Alliance: 2015 Beer in Review

McKenzie River (photo by Tim Giraudier).

The Oregon Brewshed® Alliance Initiative

The Concept

The Oregon Brewshed® Alliance is an outreach and education initiative of Oregon Wild. It is a coalition of conservationists and the craft brewing community formed under a simple but important principle: great beer begins with clean water.

Tell Your Senators: Denounce the Seizure of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge!

Oregon Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley will be hosting a number of town halls in the coming days. It is inevitable that the issue of the armed take-over of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) will come up at these meetings, and it is important that those who care about our national public lands stand up.


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