Poll: Oregonians Overwhelmingly Support Wolves, Public Lands, and Forest Conservation

Oregon Wild today released results from a statewide poll conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research showing continued strong support for public lands, wildlife, and forest conservation.  Oregonians from across the state and political spectrum strongly supported wolf conservation, public lands, sustainable forestry initiatives, and prioritizing wildlife over agribusiness in the Klamath Basin.

June Wildlife Update: Sea Otter Sighting, Crater Lake Wolf Rendezvous, and More!

There’s still time to sign up for the Crater Lake Wolf Rendezvous! The 4-day, 3-night trip, September 13-16, will take you to the incomparable landscapes around Oregon's only national park. We'll visit portions of Oregon Wild's 500,000-acre Crater Lake Wilderness proposal including the headwaters of one of Oregon's most iconic rivers: the Wild Rogue.


The tentative schedule includes meetings with wolf biologists, naturalists, and local wildlife advocates, possibly a tracking or outdoor skills workshop, scenic drives, and short hikes throughout the area. Get your spot before it’s too late.

Nonlethal Deterrents are Working. ODFW Issues Wolf Kill Permit Anyway.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has issued a kill permit for unidentified wolves in Wallowa County. While the cows have been injured within the area of known wolf activity of the Chesnimnus Pack, ODFW has not identified whether that pack or other wolves are responsible for the conflict. The kill permit applies to both private and the adjoining public land allotment.

Statement from Oregon Wild Executive Director, Sean Stevens:

May Wildlife Update: The Latest on the Pine Creek Pack

Wolverines, marbled murrelets, and red tree voles--oh my! In this month’s update, be sure to check out the wildlife section (in addition to the wolf section) as lots of things have been happening for Oregon’s threatened, endangered, and recovering native wildlife species. 

Spring Cleaning

This is the third in a series of blogs highlighting the stories behind the stories of “wolf conservation” under Curt Melcher and Governor Brown’s Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Everyday Trash

An alternative - and more accurate - logo for Curt Melcher's Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW)
Last fall, as ODFW was issuing yet another kill order for wolves we posted a piece called The Friday Trash. The provocative title invoked the practice used by politicians and government agencies to hold bad news until late on a Friday making it more likely to get overlooked by the media and public. The piece highlighted a few of the facts ODFW didn’t want you to know about their latest wolf kill.

April Wildlife Update: It's Utter Chaos

If your head is spinning trying to keep up with the latest news on Oregon's wolves, the release of the annual wolf report, and ODFW's decision to kill wolves, join the club. It's been an extremely chaotic two weeks made worse by ODFW's inability to clearly communicate with the public.

ODFW 2017 Wolf Report: Population stagnant, killing increased

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife today released the 2017 Annual Wolf Report. The release comes in the same week that the agency stunned the public by rushing to issue kill permits for wolves to a livestock owner who Oregon Public Broadcasting reporterd had made multiple attempts to defraud the state's compensation program in the past.

ODFW Issues Wolf-Kill Permits for Pine Creek Pack

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has issued kill permits for the Pine Creek wolf pack.


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