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Webcast: Hiking the Oregon Coast Trail

From wide beaches and lush forests to windswept bluffs and dramatic sea stacks, the stunning wild coast of Oregon is emerging as the next great long-distance hiking experience. This world-class hiking trail right in Oregon's backyard is an increasingly popular destination, and now it finally has a dedicated guidebook!

The Forest Service Doth Protest Too Much

Not long ago, we asked our members and supporters to speak up for Eastern Oregon’s old-growth forests. As expected, Trump's Forest Service didn’t listen. Now the Biden administration is defending a grievous mistake.

Worse yet, in a recent email many of our members received, the Forest Service claimed they had strengthened protections. It’s simply not true, and we want to set the record straight.

Webcast: Unpacking the Status of Oregon's Wolves

Wolves once had a range that covered a vast majority of North America. A concentrated killing campaign drove wolves to the brink, and it is only through hard-fought conservation efforts that these native animals have started to re-establish across their range. Wolves are still slowly returning to the places their ancestors once howled and roamed. Unfortunately, short-sighted politicians have resumed the last century's war-on-wolves, threatening to undo decades of recovery. This webcast provided a thorough overview of the status of wolf protections.

Key Points:

Global Warming Commission Says it's Time to Put Oregon’s Forests to Work Fighting Climate Change

It’s no secret that Oregon needs to do a better job of stewarding it’s amazing wildlands and waters — this is especially true for its forests. While the overall forest area has remained relatively steady in our state, the same cannot be said for the quality of those forests. They have been logged extensively, and some estimates show that as little as 10 percent of old growth forests remain. This poor management has led to degraded watersheds, impacted fish and wildlife, and millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. 

Lamprey from the Nez Perce Perspective

The Nez Perce people fished for lamprey and other species, not only for food, but as a vital aspect of their culture. Unfortunately, lamprey are not as abundant as they once were and the Nez Perce are dedicated to changing that.

Private Forest Accord update

When Oregon Wild and allies committed in February 2020 to comprehensive negotiations with the logging industry over the future of the Oregon Forest Practices Act (OFPA), we felt cautious optimism. After all, the OFPA had remained nearly unchanged for decades, leaving threatened species like salmon on the brink and saddling rural, forested communities with polluted drinking water and dangerous chemical spray. A chance to completely overhaul our logging laws was desperately needed.