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Lamprey from the Nez Perce Perspective

The Nez Perce people fished for lamprey and other species, not only for food, but as a vital aspect of their culture. Unfortunately, lamprey are not as abundant as they once were and the Nez Perce are dedicated to changing that.

Private Forest Accord update

When Oregon Wild and allies committed in February 2020 to comprehensive negotiations with the logging industry over the future of the Oregon Forest Practices Act (OFPA), we felt cautious optimism. After all, the OFPA had remained nearly unchanged for decades, leaving threatened species like salmon on the brink and saddling rural, forested communities with polluted drinking water and dangerous chemical spray. A chance to completely overhaul our logging laws was desperately needed.

Webcast: The Mysterious World of Spotted Bats

Bats serve as nature’s fluffy pollinators, pest control agents, and key indicators of cave health. In Oregon alone, there are 15 bat species with the most elusive being the spotted bat. However, important surveys conducted in 2015 in Central Oregon hinted that the species may be more common than initially thought. Learn more about the spotted bat and how community science might be the key to solving this mystery.


Salmon 101: Understanding the Lifeblood of the Pacific Northwest

Without a doubt, salmon is one of the most iconic species of the Pacific Northwest. Its significance is far-reaching, and for thousands of years, has been at the center of cultural rituals and economic activities. Salmon are also an indicator species, in that they serve as a key measure of ecosystem health and vitality. 

Jeremy FiveCrows of the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission spoke about the various salmon species in the state and discussed the cultural and ecological importance of restoring them and their fragile habitat.


Facing the Heat: The Reality of Climate Change for Forests and Wildlife

Experts Dr. Erica Fleishman, Director of the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute, and Lynn Tompkins, Executive Director of Blue Mountain Wildlife, discussed the recent heatwaves, how they impacted forests and wildlife, and what we can do to combat climate change, restore fragile ecosystems, and support wildlife care centers and their incredible work to protect injured animals.

August Wildlife Update: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

In this month's wildlife newsletter, you'll read about how Oregon Wild and partners secured more protections for the "enigma of the Pacific Northwest" and also, why ODFW has begun killing Oregon's wolves again.

The Liver of the River!

Learn about the under-appreciated species that doubles as a Brita filter, is older than your grandparents and hitchhikes our rivers!